If you're starting to interview technology companies, you've already put a lot of time and effort into researching and planning your project. You know what you need, and you probably have a good idea which companies meet your needs in terms of expertise and staffing. But there's another factor you may not have considered - background. What did the company's principals do before they got into software development?

Don't hesitate to ask a candidate for more information about their staff's background. This information is crucial - particularly during the short-list stage, when you may be choosing between candidates with similar qualifications. You will be working closely with these people, and it's important that you understand where they're coming from. It's even more important that they understand where you're coming from. A technology firm with a solid background in business will be able to hit the ground running, requiring minimal time to assimilate your business processes.

At Frontline Solutions, we're passionate about technology - not because we're computer geeks, but because we've been around the block. We started out in engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, publishing jobs, construction jobs. Jobs that taught us the ropes. We learned how business works, and then we started looking for ways to make it work better. Our background in business and project management sets a firm foundation that has proven invaluable time and time again. No matter what unique problems our clients face, we can draw on our common background to design technology products that solve them.

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