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Product: Promotion Engine, USA
Product Type: Website
Client: Hewlett Packard and Cohesion-Hawkeye
Website: N/A

Frontline has worked with Hawkeye-Cohesion for a number of years on many web development projects for Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and Microsoft. The work has included a wide spectrum of tasks, from complex database design to innovative web applications. Technologies employed include SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP), Crystal Reports, advanced JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP and SSL (https protocol).

A recent project, HP Campaign Central, was a pair of websites for Hewlett-Packard for producing user-defined email and direct mail campaigns, including a wizard-like interface for selecting mail components (the headline, images, postcard design and so on). The sites had to adhere to very strict HP design standards.

On the partner site, users can review, configure and order mailing templates. For example, they can choose a postcard to mail to their customers. The partner will go through a wizard to choose the heading and images they want for that postcard. They can also upload their company logo and customer list. Credit card information is taken and encrypted in the database. Once they place the order, the postcards are printed and sent to their clients.

The project also included an administrative website where HP employees manage the campaign content, orders and users. HP employees generate templates for a variety of media, including email, postcards, pamphlets and literature. Each of these has their own layout, which can include text and images. All content (heading, images, color scheme, body text, etc.) is managed by the user in the administrative interface. Once a template has been configured, it goes through a lengthy auditing process where program managers, the legal department, content reviewers and others must sign on/off before the template is deployed to the public. This also is a database-driven web interface.