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Product: On-Line Collection Analysis
Product Type: Website
Client: Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
Website: N/A

OCLC is the industry leader in library collection analysis and has pioneered many new technologies in the library industry. Frontline developed an advanced web application for viewing their library collection data. This application presents a library's (or group of libraries') collection data categorized across many different dimensions. It was an ideal application for OLAP (Microsoft Analysis Services/Data Warehousing).

Frontline designed and developed the SQL Server 2000 databases, the Analysis Services Cubes and Dimensions, middle-tier business rules and web design. The website also makes heavy use of XML and XSLT.

Frontline also developed a new software product for OCLC. The application consisted of a client application that is sold to libraries, and an administration module for configuring and producing a client application. The administration application is a combination of VB6 (front end) and SQL Server 2000. Data is brought in from mainframe-produced text files (with record counts often exceeding 10 million) using DTS and processed heavily using stored procedures. The resultant analysis data is exported to an Access or SQL Server client database.

The administration application exposes many user-definable settings that are used by SQL Server to export the client database to the level of detail required by the customer. The client application hides the complexity of the analysis in a simple user interface, showing results in either a hierarchical numerical view or a visual graph view.