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Product: CPI Scan Suite
Product Type: Application
Client: World Vision

World Vision is one of the largest non-profit child support agencies in the world. Frontline developed a suite of applications for World Vision's photo imaging department. The principal application scanned child photographs and allowed for image manipulation, and stored image data in SQL Server. A file conversion utility was also developed to convert the JPEG image file format into a proprietary World Vision format. The applications have been deployed internationally. Tools used included VB6 (with LeadTools Imaging components), SQL Server 2000 and Delphi 4.

This system also communicates in real-time with the main World Vision customer database, which resides on an AS400. The real-time link was achieved using IBM's MQ Messaging product for sending XML-based messages across different platforms. Previously, hard-to-manage batch processes were run daily using text files, which caused the two systems to become out of sync with each other.