Database Design, Administration and Analysis

Sometimes the goal gets lost in the details

Data management brings things back into focus. With a well-designed database, you can analyze data, extract the information you need and channel it through your organization — all without losing sight of the big picture.

Using Microsoft SQL Server as our primary database, we provide the following services.

Database Design

Too often, database design is an afterthought. At Frontline Solutions, we know better. We take database design seriously, because without a solid foundation, an application will never stand up to the demands of a growing business.

Performance Analysis

Frontline knows how to tune a database. From speeding up a slow-running query to solving multi-user conflicts to reducing resource requirements, we can provide detailed analysis and recommendations for how to get the most out of your database server.

Decision Support Services and Data Warehousing

When dealing with a large amount of data, sometimes standard reporting and analysis are inadequate for spotting trends in data. Understanding these trends is the key to successfully managing a business and making solid decisions. Using the powerful Microsoft Analysis Services, your data can be sliced, diced and aggregated along any number of perspectives, helping you see the forest through the trees.

Database Reporting

When you know the data is there but you don’t know how to show it, Frontline can help. Depending on your needs, we can provide reporting solutions at every level. Reporting solutions that get you the data you want, in the format you need, in any medium — from hard copy to electronic (PDF) to dynamic web pages.

Database Administration

Many smaller businesses don’t have the budget for a full-time database administrator. Frontline can provide expert assistance with setting up and maintaining your SQL Server databases. From simple backup to complex maintenance plans and replication configuration, Frontline has the expertise to ensure your SQL Server environment is running at its peak.

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